learn, respect, protect  - without seas we’re sunk!

Incredible Oceans is an education programme from the team that in 4 years built WhaleFest into the world’s biggest marine outreach event. Backed by leading educationalists, plus the world’s largest Partnership working to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises, it’s a cross-curricular, learning programme using the wow factor of whales and dolphins to spark a life-long appreciation for marine life.

Our goal is to bring ocean studies into the heart of the national curriculum and to roll this out to all primary schools.

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Oxygen, water, food and climate: our Oceans are not an optional extra for us, or for everything else on Earth. Yet we don't inspire young people to respect them. We pollute, over use, and carelessly treat the blue 70% of our planet and we don’t teach much about it in schools.

Support Incredible Oceans and put your brand in front of thousands of children, teachers and parents, backed by the team that turned WhaleFest into the world’s biggest marine education outreach event - where brands reach 15,000 visitors, plus receive extensive TV, press and social media coverage including celebrity tweets.
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School visits

We also bring you an exciting outreach experience that is fun and informative. Delivered by a qualified oceanographer with seven years teaching experience, our outreach program aims to enthuse and inspire pupils of all ages by bringing the wonder of our oceans into the classroom!
The diversity of marine habitats and creatures provide a canvas to explore a wide range of subjects, and we have an array of different talks and workshops available.

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About us

Incredible Oceans is delivered by the team behind WhaleFest, a 15,000 person-attended marine science and conservation educational event held in one of the biggest venues on the south coast The Brighton Centre.

The World Cetacean Alliance is the project’s partner charity, a global alliance of organisations headed up by honorary president Jean-Michel Cousteau.

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