Communication, community engagement and outreach to wide and diverse audiences

Our proven expertise is in developing and implementing festivals and events, large and small where, funded by corporate sponsors, science institutions, agencies and festival organisers

That’s where Incredible Oceans fits in. We have created our own 15,000 visitor events as well as taking part in very many others - it's our proven expertise to provide interactive, fun and robust ocean science for those demographics not necessarily attracted to science or environment, ‘non-self-selecting audiences’. 

We often train and mentor academics, scientists and agency staff to deliver effective environmental communication which is evaluated at the real life public outreach opportunities that we can provide. We are also invited by festivals to bring our outstanding installations and team to enhance their events.

And by bringing eye-catching artefacts, hands-on workshops and interactive presentations, we turn science learning into an occasion to be remembered alongside our life-sized Orcainflatable OceanDOME and more. 

A quick synopsis of what we offer:

  • 10m-long life-sized life-sized Orca that can be placed on the floor or suspended
  • 60+ life-sized inflatable sharks, whales, dolphins and turtles through our partner Whale Workshop
  • An eye-catching inflatable OceanDOME - an indoor or outdoor 6m x 6m x 4m activity space 
  • A team of marine biologists, oceanographers & conservationists with experience in delivering science content to diverse audiences
  • An array of captivating marine artefacts (skulls, teeth, bones, creatures in jars)
  • Hands-on ocean workshops linked to the national curriculum (see our Education section)
    • fish dissections
    • marine engineering
    • ocean plastic solutions
    • oil spill clean-up
    • still-life drawing of artefacts with Indian ink
  • Fun interactive presentations for all ages and backgrounds (also see our Education section):
    • Exploring The Deep (ocean vs space exploration)
    • Sea Soup (why you should care about plankton?)
    • Cetaceans (the best of whales and dolphins)
    • Fake Plastic Seas (the problems of and solutions for ocean plastics)
    • The best animal ever (hint: it’s an octopus)
    • Journey into the Deep Ocean (deep sea biology)
  • Training for scientists and specialists on how to speak to diverse audiences & affect behaviour change
  • Pirate, mermaid, sailor costumes optional…!

From Africa Oyé Liverpool to Cheltenham Science Festival, from BlueDot Manchester to West Highland Yacht Week Oban, from London Bike Show to Vakantiebeurs Utrecht ... we have a huge and diverse portfolio.