the science and art of communicating about life below water

The go-to people for bright ways of talking about ocean issues and inhabitants

Changing climate, plastics, pollution, acoustics, overfishing: our ocean is well-studied and known to be under intense pressure, yet surveys show many people are unaware of these topics and less than 1-in-5 UK children have visited the coast. 

In 12 years Incredible Oceans have become the go-to experts for excellence, creativity and ‘outside-the-box’ thinking around ocean communication. By matching the truth of science with the emotional power of art and culture we make knowing about our marine world vibrant, entertaining and accessible. 

We use the sciences of mind and brain to appeal to the values that influence people’s decision-making and behaviour, and believe that if people better know the ocean they will care more about solutions and ways they can take action. To do this we: 

  • Create ground-breaking online broadcasts and videos using fun and robust environmental art and science
  • Specialise in outreach and community engagement, especially with those not necessarily attracted to science or environment
  • Run festivals and events for large and diverse demographics, funded by corporate sponsors, science institutions and agencies
  • Train scientific, advocacy and corporate organisations to help them better communicate about critical environmental issues
  • Reach young people through educational materials and school visits, working with partners to share impactful content

We are a collaborative platform working with other organisations to educate and communicate about the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 'Life Below Water' and believe that by bringing together people from varied backgrounds and cultures we can engage better about the issues with people from varied backgrounds and cultures.

the science and art of communicating about life below water . . . it has never been more important

We are Community Interest Company 8505068 and appreciate any support you can give to our work:


Education & Science
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Conservation & Development
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Project Management
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Digital Campaigns
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plus a huge team of volunteers (900+) and partners