Coast Issues

We want local young people and families to be able to influence decisions around the most important issues arising from our sea and vulnerable coastline.

Young people in particular will inherit some of the big issues of our time: issues such as the changing climate, coastal erosion and plastic pollution.

Changing Climate

Our actions are changing the climate of the planet at an escalating speed; it is the biggest threat to humanity and the other creatures we share our world with.

Coastal Erosion

Floods and coastal erosion are predicted to be more frequent with more events occurring such as coastal storms, landslides and rising sea levels. These events will affect us on the coast, damaging structures, houses, roads, losing or degrading valuable land and disrupting fishing, navigation, recreation and other activities.

Plastic Pollution

Single-use plastic, discarded fishing nets (‘ghost gear’), waste excess and disposability are a huge threat to our oceans, ourselves, marine life and the eco-systems that support all life on earth.

Noise Disturbance

A great many creatures in the ocean rely on using sound, for many it’s a huge part of everything they do. Acoustics play a critical part in their ability to feed, socialise, communicate, and mate - and for some species human-made sounds can kill them.

It is our vision that will can equip our young people to face these issues through knowledge, confidence, skills, tools and inspiration acquired through their involvement in a programme of high quality events, activities & workshops organised through Siren.