Whale Workshop

Since 2011 we have been proud to work with Whale Workshop and the inspirational Andy Peters. His presence and his astonishing life-like and life-sized recreations of marine creatures - from Blue Whale to Harbour Porpoise, from Giant Squid to Leatherback Turtle - have enormously enhanced many of our events and festivals.

In his own words: “Since 1995 I have been touring worldwide with The Marine Wildlife Roadshow, using life-size and life-like models of sea creatures, to raise awareness and focus attention, at public events, exhibitions, festivals, and in schools. I make all the props and models, and develop other interpretation methods, based on my previous 20 years experience as a designer and prop-maker for TV, film, advertising and display sectors of commerce. I have also developed the skill and the confidence to deliver important conservation messages wherever I give a presentation, to all ages and status of audiences, and more recently to train local project staff and help build capacity to enable them to deliver their own roadshow output.”

Check out www.whaleworkshop.org