Our hands-on workshops allow pupils to consolidate learning while also providing fun and innovative links to the National Curriculum. They can be adapted to suit any key stage supporting your classroom teaching.


The mention pond life usually conjures up images of frogs and fish. But there’s a whole microscopic ecosystem in just a few drops of water that is invisible to the naked eye. Our microscopes can magnify up to 400 times allowing us to observe this often overlooked menagerie of microbeasts. Suitable for KS2 to KS5.

Fish Dissection

If you want to know how something works, it’s a good idea to take it apart! Find out what makes a fish a fish as you systematically and scientifically dissect it piece by piece. Not for the squeamish! NB. All our fish are locally and sustainably caught. Suitable for KS2 to KS5.

Oil Spill Clean Up

oil runs our planet but where does it come from and how do experts clean it up when things go wrong? Learn about the different techniques that are used to remove oil from the marine environment then have a go at cleaning up your own ocean. The workshop ends with an explosive demonstration of what happens when you burn oil in the presence of water! Suitable for KS1 to KS4.

Saltwater chemistry

Just using plain old saltwater and some electricity, we explore the science of electro-chemistry. Create poisonous chlorine gas, make a salt water battery, split water into its hydrogen and oxygen components. Very hands-on and perfect for enhancing KS3 and KS4 Chemistry. Suitable for KS1 to KS4.

Water, water everywhere…

…but not a drop to drink! Water is essential for life on Earth but a surprisingly small percentage of it is drinkable. In true Ray Mears style, pupils learn about the importance of water conservation by building their own filter out of household items. The different filters are then put to the test to see which team produced the cleanest water. Suitable for KS1 to KS3.

Beach activities

Instead of us coming to you, why don’t you come to us?! Out of our conveniently located seafront office, Brighton Beach provides the perfect environment for a spot of beach combing, metal detecting, wave observations and weather measurements!


We make regular appearances at festivals and other events around the UK. As well as the main WhaleFest event, we have performed at The Big Bang Fair South East, Crawley STEMFest, Brighton Science Festival, Brighton Museum and Sunday Assembly Brighton / London.

The Best Animal Ever…

This lecture does what it says on the tin; the case for what the best animal in the world is put forward and we hope you’ll agree (hint: it’s not a whale OR a hedgehog but it is aquatic!).

Topics: conservation, adaptations, evolution, ecology, animal behaviour
Duration: 20 to 30 mins (plus questions)
Audience: Age 5 to adult


A good overview to the big-name celebrities of the whale and dolphin world. What makes a whale a whale? What is a cetacean? How big is the biggest whale? The talk works best when given alongside our life-size inflatable orca!

Topics: pressure, animal physiology, diving, space, deep sea
Duration: adaptable - 30 to 50 mins (plus questions)
Audience: adaptable - Age 10 to adult

Under Pressure

A look at the Physics of pressure using the amazing deep-diving abilities of whales and comparing them to submarines. We compare exploring the deep ocean to exploring space – which one is trickier? Chock full of fun, hands-on demonstration and audience interaction.

Topics: water pressure, air pressure, breathing, animal physiology, human physiology, space
Duration: 30 to 50 mins (plus questions)
Audience: Age 10 to adult

Training / INSET

Stuck for ideas on how to make a certain topic more interesting and engaging to students? With our years of teaching experience, we’re more than happy to bounce ideas around and / or show you how to replicate our demonstrations in your school.

Rachel Martin
Pebsham Primary Academy Bexhill

“Very inspirational; the children loved it. It’s all they’ve been talking about all day”

Emily Quinn
Youth University Co-ordinator

“Russell delivers inspiring, exciting and often explosive courses for the Youth University. Children leave bursting with ideas and new knowledge about areas of science that they may have never otherwise encountered.”

Richard Robinson
Curator of Brighton Science Festival

“Russell is inspiring. He seems to be plumbed in to every good idea on the planet, and lays them out to both entertain and educate in a way everyone can understand. Whatever he does, Russell brings verve and flair to it”