plastics - A matter of concern

It is a huge threat to our oceans, ourselves, marinelife and the eco-systems that support all life on Earth, and we at Incredible Oceans choose to make plastic pollution a pillar of our education and outreach work.

Single-use plastic, discarded fishing nets (‘ghost gear’), waste management and recycling: all are issues that we have championed since our inception and have showcased at WhaleFest. The series producer of BBC Blue Planet 2, Mark Brownlow, was in discussion with our audience of 2000 people nearly 3 years before bringing the issue to large-scale public awareness.

We have worked with: the Global Ghost Gear Initiative; Ocean Sole, Plastic Oceans Foundation; NOMA; MCB Seafoods; Water-to-Go; Fathoms Free; Whalebags; WasteAid UK; Riz Boardshorts; Fourth Element; Surfdome; Aquapax; Paddle Pickup and Rame Peninsula Beach Care. It has been the focus of much of our work since 2015.

We use the power the ocean and its charismatic animals have over the human imagination to inspire the public: to use art to amplify science as the way to communicate when other methods might not be heard.