Incredible Oceans deliver events, festivals and education that tell critical ocean-saving stories using art and science.

Oceans are vital. Our health, well-being, future sustainability, and the future of all life on Earth, depend on oceans. They face threats from climate-change, pollution, acoustics, development and overfishing, yet despite a wealth of scientific evidence public interest is worryingly low.

Our aim is to change that, using the combined power of culture, science and charismatic marine life to grab hearts and minds and bring about a sea change in the way we relate to our oceans.

A partnership organisation with a legion of volunteers from all arenas, we team up with scientists, creatives, community organisations, campaigners, companies and broadcast media. We devise events and education that highlight problems, showcase solutions, and help us all become more ocean literate.

Community Interest Company 8505068.

Key team members

Director - Ian Rowlands

Creative - Gina Gow

Events - Grace Walker

Education and Science - Russell Arnott

Campaigns - Clare Osborn

900+ volunteers and partners